We have enabled 100+ UOC filings

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RPAS Logger is built to be used in off-line environments and auto sync when you are online again.

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RPAS Logger Enterprise will allow you to create jobs for customers, assign equipment and personnel to different jobs, manage area approvals and risk assessments and manage maintenance requirements. It will help you create your operational manuals and keep them up to date. It will produce all of your compliance reporting.

Manage Jobs & Flight Plans

  • Create jobs for customers
  • Assign equipment and personnel
  • Manage area approvals
  • Manage drones, equipment, and personnel
  • Access regulatory and operational documents
  • and much more ….

Flight Safety & Compliance

  • Understand where you can fly
  • Maintain your operational manuals
  • Simplify regulations and laws
  • Import any customized pre-flight or post-flight checklists per job / pilot / or drone
  • Use our extensive library or create your own checklists with our Checklist editors
  • and much more ….

Complete Business Management Solution

  • Manage jobs, drones, equipment and personnel
  • Oversee risk assessments and maintenance
  • Secure cloud based solution
  • Online storage of regulatory and operational documents
  • Integrate jobs with your accounting software*
    • and much more ….
Why Do I Need RPAS Logger?